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Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Introduction

The first several posts I will make here are direct copies of blogs written and posted on Myspace.
Where possible, the ideas represented are my own, and mistakes made are likewise my own. Usually.

Comments and corrections are always welcome, though sometimes unacknowledged. I don't mind being called a fool, but I much prefer being told how I am being foolish. To say "that's just stupid" is just stupid. Be colorful and say that I am being unabashedly stupid, or something.

I don't intentionally belittle the little guy. I am the little guy. I make little or no effort to be politically correct. I am not a politician. The pay would be higher, but I couldn't ignore my personal ethics.

If you read something that you like, tell others. If you read something you don't like, tell others. If you learn something new, tell others. If you find my ramblings to be a total waste of time, tell me.

thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. Good to know there are others who agree with me and Jimmy Carter. The pacifist who I admire regardless of his alleged faux pas in trying to connect with the Palestinians. People who are willing to die and consider it an honor to do so are impossible to stop. Yes they are breeding terrorism but yes they are responding to a hopeless situation. Communication may not help but isn't avoiding it likely to help less.

    No easy answers, and no resolution in our lifetime, possibly anyone's lifetime. If Jimmy Carter had been revered in the eighties, someone might have A.Planted more trees, B.Constructed more windmills,Guarded the rainforests or all of the above.

    Denigrate Jimmy Carter for not looking out for his own interests, for not putting his politics ahead of his kindness but never put him down for sitting back and wringing his hands while the world goes to a hell of its own making.

    George W and Cheney had to have their war. Oops, I put the more powerful politician second...

    I agree with so many things you say that I had to comment. Too bad I'm so tired that my enjoyment of your writing turned into a rant.
    I do like your blog and will read more when I have time.:)