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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Human Sexuality: Living In The Crazy Years

How on Earth has humanity risen to the top of the ecological chain? The human body is soft and weak, it matures slowly, and has many, many short circuits in the cranium. We spend the first 12 to 24 years of our lives learning about ideas and concepts, understanding how things work and building fantastic machines, and then all but completely ignore the concept of procreation.

Why is sexuality not as common in conversation as the latest world disaster? Why is sexuality something that should be hidden away, and only spoken of behind closed doors? Why is something as important as the propagation of our species left to be rediscovered one shy young couple at a time behind closet doors and in the unseen spaces between dark buildings? Why do some states make driver education courses mandatory, and yet there are no states that require every teen to attend a parental training course?

Reality Check #1: 33 years ago, the world's most famous band sang a song about hunting a girlfriend down and dragging her back if she ever left. Today, we call that stalking and domestic abuse, but not that long ago a man was expected to take what he wanted.

Reality Check #2: 100 years ago, a young bride was expected to have started to bear a family by the time she was 18 years of age, and it was much more common to see a 15 year old mother than a woman in her 30's or 40's caring for an infant.

Reality Check #3: Sex is entirely natural, and curiosity is instinctual. Your children may not naturally want to know about algebra, and they may never care at all about social studies or the
world's great authors, but they will most certainly have questions about sex and sexuality.

Reality Check #4: No matter what age society says is "mature," your child will reach it when their body matures, regardless of their age. Setting laws with unrealistically high numbers means that innocent children are committing crimes by adhering to the greater laws of nature.

If you do not teach your children about the magic and mysteries of sex, they will find out for themselves. You can teach it right along with math and writing, or you can let your kids take lessons in secret spots and darkened alleys. There is no need to be overly graphic, but the education needs to exist. As perverse as it may sound to the western mind, we need fewer doors, both in our homes and in our minds.

To hide sexuality behind closed doors, and whisper about it behind shielding hands, is nothing less than creating a paradox in the minds of our children. Educating your children about sexuality will not increase abstinence. Nothing will increase abstinence, because the sex drive is instinctual. What education will do is bring about a better informed sexuality that is aware of the dangers and precautions.