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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Financial Crisis?

I'm sorry, but did I fall asleep and miss something important? The Dow Jones, aka Wall Street, has lost more in the past two weeks than it has EVER lost before. Stocks that cost $60/share turned into $1 shares overnight. Investors are going bankrupt, and screaming that they're losing their shirts.

And those same investors are telling you not to buy. Well, duh.

If you buy stocks now, while the price is low, they can never regain their financial advantage. Over YOU. Don't believe everything big business is showing you on the TV, and in the print. The rich and powerful are currently being equalized somewhat, but it can only benefit those of us who hang around on the lower levels.

Think about it. Buying any stock you can afford now, while the bottom has fallen out, is a positive investment. When they put a hole in that drain, your stock is going to skyrocket. Ditto for purchasing a home. If you have the money to invest in real estate, you may never get a better opportunity than you have right now to purchase property at bargain basement prices.

The trick is to have money to invest. Credit is nothing but postponing the inevitable payment, and whether you notice it or not, you are paying a fee for all that "pay later" money. If you are buying with credit, you are actually giving away money to claim you are worth more than you actually are. Someday, the bottom will fall out, and your stock will be worthless, if you follow that path.

Come on, folks. Why is any one telling you not to buy stocks?? The name of the game is to buy low, and sell high, and let me tell you right now, stock prices, even crude oil, are lower right now than they've been in years. Invest now, and plan to sell it back again in about 6 months. The holidays will give everything a boost, and you'll be ready to take a holiday next summer.

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