ColGlobe At The Spoof

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Human Arrogance - Evolution and Self-Defeat

As a species, we have a lot of nerve. We talk about how we need to protect our planet, and protect this species or that one from possible extinction. And all the while, no one ever points out that we are an aberration. If not for the chance impact of one or more meteorites 65 million years ago, humans as we know them today wouldn't exist. And when you get right down to the facts of life as we know it, the human species is hell-bent on self- destruction anyway.

Breaking Babies
As I write this paragraph, a television ad is offering "protection in case of birth control failure" which is a fancy way of saying an abortion pill. And abortion itself is a species defeating tactic. How many times have crucial mutations in our gene pool been sucked out of a woman's womb with a vacuum cleaner?  There is no way we can ever know. But what we do know, and what has been verified time after time, is that it only takes a single favorable mutation to complete split a species and allow new ones to develop.

Voluntary Sterilization
Every man that gets a vasectomy, or woman who gets her tubes tied, is a voluntary dead-end in an evolutionary chain that stretches all the way back to the first first primitive life on Earth. Of their own free will, they have ended any additional material they may have had to offer the tree of life. How many times have the smartest people who would ever live never lived at all? And how has that damaged the future of our species?

Racial Inequity
A chihuahua can't see that it isn't as big as a pit bull. Only the human species has set up lines if division within the species, blocking off possible genetic mutations, and performing occasional bouts of genocide on people who simply don't look or act or talk like other people. Reality check: We are all different from other people. Not even a plague-like disease will try to kill itself, but humanity has turned it into an art, known as war.

War - What is it Good For?
Nowhere in nature is a spectacle like war repeated. Limbs and entire branches on the tree of evolution engaged in wiping themselves out. The very best that the races of mankind have to offer are packed off to die by weapons that strike from impossibly long distances. Not the ill and dying, or the frail and disabled. Not weak of mind. The very best that can be found. Smarter. Stronger. Braver. Taller. The best features of the entire species are recruited for possible execution.

The Miracle of Man
The real miracle of our existence is that we have not exterminated ourselves. Humanity is alone in feeling malice towards itself, and has spent thousands of years devising methods of bring that malice into action. We burn, starve, subjugate, isolate, and eradicate ourselves in ways that are not duplicated anywhere in terrestrial evolution. And we applaud ourselves for being masters of the world while we do it.

Mass Extinctions
We spoeak of mass extinctions being caused in our lifetimes, but neglect to admit that such extinctions have happened throughout the history of the planet. When a species is able to successfully displace other species, those which can't compete die. We are far from the first invasive species that has wrecked havoc around the globe, and the odds are good that many more will follow after us.